Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Our Real State Religion

Forget that nonsense that there is a wall of separation between church and state in the USA. We have an official, growing and ever more powerful state religion. That religion is the Law---As made by judges, especially those in our Federal Courts. You think not? Please examine the present and probable future state of the law under our judges as if it were a religion. You will see the religion-of-the-law exposed in the facts.

Our law has a “holy book”, called the Constitution. Our judges claim that they cling to the teachings of that document; But, vary from it as much as did the Catholic and Protestant fanatics of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation varied from the teachings of Jesus Christ when they burned and murdered each other. The “priests” or “mullahs” of that religion are, of course, judges. The “High Priests” or “Grand Ayatollahs” are the Supreme Court Justices. Their “dogma” is set in their judgments. Our judges take the clear and simple teachings of the Constitution and subject them to “mystical interpretation” in an effort to make us think that black-is-white, up-is-down and truth-is-lies.

They claim to uphold the Constitution's protection of individuals, but had allowed children, at the point-of-birth, to have their brains sucked out of their little skulls to facilitate abortions (And still allow the dismemberment of such children)---Even when there is no threat to the life of their mothers. Those judges claim to only interpret our American Constitution in light of the democratically passed laws of the People's elected representative, but use the legal decisions of foreign nations in their making of laws. They ignore the provision in our Constitution for its amendment and declare that new “rights” exist without the consent of the People. They repeatedly inflict their own social and political judgments and show great disdain for democratically approved laws. They suppress the joined freedom-of-speech and free expression of religion by denying the People to present their religion by such expressions as posting or exhibiting the Ten Commandments or other like symbols on public land. [This last technique is one common to power hungry priest-hoods, which is to do every thing possible to suppress and destroy other religions.].

When the founders of this nation outlined our government in our Constitution, they set a careful balance between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. That balance has been seriously disturbed and the whole structure of our government now is moving towards collapse and the dictatorship of the judicial elite---Who care little for democracy. That balance must be reset. My suggestion to enact the following Amendment to the Constitution, which would give the Congress the power to correct the errors which have infiltrated our society by judicial usurpations.

The Congress of the United States may reverse or nullify any decision of the
Supreme Court of the United States or of the lesser Courts of Appeal by a two-
thirds vote of the member present and voting in either House OR by a simple
majority of the members present and voting in both the Senate and House of
Representatives. The vote of each member of the Congress in such matters is to
be separately recorded and immediately made public. Such matters are to have
priority over all other business of the Congress.

The recording and immediate release is to prevent the members of the Congress from hiding behind the curtain of voice votes. The granting of such matters absolute priority is to prevent such matters from being “buried in committee”.

Of course, the “bother” of amending the Constitution could be avoided by the confirmation of new Justices on our Supreme Court and judges to other courts as will NOT make laws, but only interpret them according to our State and Federal Constitutions and the intent of the People as expressed by the intent of their representatives who wrote those documents.

I also note that this “worship” of the “Great God Law” is only the face of “Secular Humanism” which, in turn, is the front or false-flag for the “religion” of Atheism. (Every court decision restricting the rights of “free exercise” of other religions is a blow for the USA's state religion of law, secular humanism and atheism.)

At the least, the Federal Courts have declared “Atheism” a religion (James J. Kaufman VS Gary R. McCaughtey et.al.; 7th Circuit Court Of Appeals, #04-1914; Decided On
August 19, 2005)

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