Friday, November 13, 2009

Trying Terrorists In USA The Worst Decision

A decision has been made by the Obama Mis-Administration to try terrorists in the Civilian Courts of the USA. This is a most irrational decision and contrary to the well established precedents of Law in this nation.
1. President Lincoln's administration discovered a number Lakotas who were, in time of war,, waging war against the USA or conspiring to do so. They were tried by Military Commission, found guilty and executed.
2. Those who conspired to murder Mr. Lincoln were tried by a Military Commission, found guilty and executed.
3. During World War-II some German saboteurs were landed, by submarine, in the USA dressed in civilian clothes. They were tried by either courts-martial or Military Commission, found guilty and executed.
4. During that same war some Germans were found under-arms and in civilian clothing attacking the uniformed troops of the USA. They were tried by courts-martial, found guilty and executed.

All of the above cases were completed in a timely manner, after real trials and according to the laws-of-war. They were also acted upon without generating the present day's corrupting and time-wasting make-work for attorneys, most of whom would faint at the thought of being front-line combat soldiers.

The Obama's administration (Most specially the Attorney General) continue its campaign against the real law as to terrorism and treason cases as it (He) has against the Rights guaranteed by the Constitution as to free speech, freedom of the press, the "free exercise of religion" and the "right to keep and bear arms". AND for the People to reasonably expect effective and timely protection against and punishment of terrorists and traitors.

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