Thursday, November 05, 2009

No Adult Male Muslim Can Be Trusted!

Make the connections! Every week brings some report of some Muslim male (Or groups of such) attacking US citizens within our nation's borders. This ties in with like attacks in the UK where two physicians tried to blow up an air port AND: To the Chicago, Muslim, physician who allowed a Jewish patient to die without medical care on the apparent basis of Mohammed's teachings about killing Jews;. To the Muslim soldier in a combat zone who "fragged" his comrades-in-arms; To the July 4th decision of a Muslim male to shoot up the El Al counter area at a LA airport (Whose sign "Read The Koran", on his apartment's door, appeared to "confuse" authorities); To the highly educated Muslim who tried to run over a group of college students with his "4X4"; To the recent, Islamic, attack on two soldiers at a recruiting station; AND, to the November 5, 2009 massacre of US troops at Ft. Hood, Texas by a Muslim Physician (A Psychiatrist!).

As loyal Muslims maintain that the Koran and Islamic Law (Sharia) override all other laws, government, oaths and loyalties AND that Muslims must either go on military Jihad OR actively support those who are, it is very clear that there is no way to predict any Muslim male's loyalty and obedience to our laws, military oaths, duties as physicians and in every other way as effects our national security, safety of our citizens and the common good.

For myself, I consider most of the above described attacks as acts-of-treason as are within the definition provided in our Constitution and which should be punished as such. For myself, I will NOT allow a Muslim physician to treat me or mine and will be suspicious of any clinic or group practice or health care facility which has Muslims on-staff.

The establishment of Jihad training camps, within the USA, has been ignored by the "general media" who have, in large part, sunk into a state of dhimitude like slavery and will not make the connections outlined above.

At the least, all military units, police authorities and medical organizations should terminate the employment of all Muslims who will not very openly condemn those teachings of Islam as encourage or allow, and some-times command, the use of murder, rape and enslavement, genocide, perpetual war with "unbelievers", the duty to perform military Jihad or actively support it and the other anti-civilization teachings of Mohammed. This condemnation must be confirmed by such persons publicly tearing out those pages of a Koran which contain such evil teachings.

In 1492AD Spain made a very rational decision as to the presence of Muslims within Iberia who represented a clear-and-present danger to the State and its People: They expelled all of them. Hmmmmm!?!

+ MECCA DELENDA EST------------------DEUS VULT +

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