Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Three Rules Of Human Interaction

For myself I find that the following rules for interaction with other people is fitting-and-proper.
1. I deal with adults I encounter by treating them as Ladies or Gentlemen (Note the capitol letters) with such mutual courtesies as they are presumed to deserve.
2. If the behavior of such is not up to the level of Ladies or Gentlemen, I demote them to "mere" men and women.
3. If behavior continues to degenerate or begins with violent-or-threatening attacks on me or mine ("Mine" including family, friends, fellow citizens, my nation, my Faith or my civilization), they are demoted to "critters" and "targets".

Small children are to be treated with courteous-and-loving firmness; Teens (Physically smaller than full adults) according to the behaviors they exhibit.

I have, over the last few years, that adult Blacks and Whites are dealing with each other, more-and-more, in accordance with Rule # 1 above---To the great improvement of our society and my personal satisfaction.

I have recently concluded that adult Muslims who will not deny the horrid and violent teachings of the false prophet Mohammed begin at Level-2.

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