Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Sudden Jihad Syndrome" & DMS

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DMS) is the most commonly used such handbook in the USA and in other parts of the world. It is generally, although not universally, considered the authoritative reference work for psychiatrists and other mental health workers.

A new version of this basic book is set for publication in 2012.

It is timely to suggest a new classification for that upcoming work: That of "Sudden Jihad Syndrome". Certainly we have observed many manifestations of this disorder from the doctors in Scotland who attempted to blow up an airport building, through the sudden attack of a Muslim on two soldiers at a recruiting station (Killing one and wounding another) and, of course, the Muslim Psychiatrist's rampage at Fort Hood.

Any definition of that disorder would do well in include the following:
1. It would usually apply to only one person; But, might apply to two-or-three persons if "psychologically linked";
2. It would involve deadly or potentially deadly attacks on non-Muslims beyond any reasonable fear of death or great bodily injury expected from the attacked persons;
3. The attacks would be prepared over only a few days and (Usually) without any direct assistance from other persons in planning behaviors, obtaining weapons, etc..
4. The attacks might be preceded by an extended and aggressive public and private support for the harsher teachings of Islam; And,
5. Such other characteristics are are common to such attacks.

This is NOT to state that any such diagnostic evaluation should provide a "mental health defense" as to any charges brought against any such persons with "SJS"!

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Anonymous said...

"Sudden Jihad Syndrome?"

Is that another made up disorder?

Hasan was a lonely, middle-aged, socially dysfunctional, sexually unsuccessful American male just like George Sodini. Don'y confuse the issue.