Monday, November 30, 2009

The Swiss, Minarets, Muslims & Civilization

The Swiss have democratically (Who is more democratic than them?) banned minarets in their land. Various Muslims and their slave-like hangers-on have condemned this act as a "lack of diversity" or religious prejudice.

I would be more impressed by the later criticism if the basic laws of Islam, as enforced by the authorities or mobs in Muslim dominated nations, forbids the building or repair of churches (Without almost impossible to obtain permissions) and other like restrictions on Christians.

Those persons should be asked: "Where are the Churches in Saudi Arabia?".

The Muslims in Europe and other non-Islamic nations should recall the sane and nation protecting actions of the Spanish in 1492AD---They expelled all Muslims from Iberia.
We might consider the same action to preserve the heartlands of true civilization---Europe and the New World's (Including Australia & New Zealand) democracies.


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