Friday, November 27, 2009

Dropping A-Bombs On Japan

Well, December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day) approaches and it is again time to bring reality and true history to the fore as to the reasons we dropped the A-bombs on Japan. Most editors, publishers, commentators, clergy, teachers and pathological pacifists among and without them have put history and truth out of their minds.

A hundred years from now any history of World War-II would still be faced with the fact that the Japanese People (Woman, Man and child) supported the "Imperial System" and were all (Man, woman and child) prepared to kill as many allied troops as they could, even after the A-Bombs were dropped and until the Imperial Decree ordering surrender came down to them.

This ended a military regime noted for genocide (Think Nan King), rape (Think "comfort women"), violations of the laws-of-war (Think of the "Bataan Death March") and other crimes against humanity.

The weapons to be used were thousands of kamikaze aircraft and like high-speed motor boats. a still very large body of soldiers in Japan and the training of men, women and children to use such in-close weapons as bamboo spears.

An invasion would have resulted in hundreds of thousands of allied casualties AND the probable extermination of the Japanese People. (For myself, I would rather that every city and town in Japan had been destroyed than to have a single allied soldier die with a bamboo spear in his guts.)

note bene: For those interested in facts, I suggest that the honest person look into the
statements of the survivors of the Nan King massacre, those abused women noted above and, most specially, those who lived through the Bataan Death March and all Japanese prison camps. For a printed resource, any honest person should read and consider the following book.
Allen, Thomas B. & Polmar, Norman
Code Name Downfall: The Secret Plan To Invade Japan and Why Truman Dropped The Bomb;
Simon & Schuster; New York

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