Sunday, February 08, 2009

Real Lessons From Lincoln

On February 8th The "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" reprinted (Page-J1) "Lessons from Lincoln to a modern president" as written by Mr. David M. Shribman, Executive Editor of the "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette". Mr. Shribman seems to have edited Mr. Lincoln to fit today's politically-correct prejudices of the left (eg Most editors and publishers of daily newspapers), especially as what he did not bring to the attention of readers.

Although President Lincoln may have been a "friend of the soldiers" he was also an expert politician and was very aware that his strongest support came from the troops in the field and insured that they would be able to cast those timely votes which insured his reelection. This is a lesson for the Republican Party which has failed to insure that such would be true in the 2008 election---And lost that election.

Mr. Lincoln also did not fail to allow the execution of a deserter (Deserters?) to emphasis the point that such is a deadly crime and threat when the nation is at war as we now are. Mr. Lincoln knew his war policies were spending the blood, limbs and lives of soldiers; But, valued the preservation of the Union more. It is yet to be seen if Mr. Obama will understand that freedom from Islamic and drug-lord terrorism requires the same spending.

Mr. Lincoln also actively used Military Tribunals to try terrorists (eg Leaders of the war-time revolt by the Lakota Tribe) and approved the mass execution of 30-some of those criminals.

Notwithstanding his opposition to race-based slavery, it appears that Mr. Lincoln never retreated from his reasoned doubts that Blacks would never be the equal of Whites. We must still await a longer time before the measures of equality-or-inequality can be measured (eg School performance levels, misuse of firearms and other crime rates, out-of-wedlock birth rates), on a truly historical basis-To confirm or reject Mr. Lincoln's conclusions.

Mr. Lincoln was, as not noted in the cited article, a strong supporter of free enterprise and of corporations as the source of real economic strength and development.

For better-or-worse we will have four years to determine if Mr. Obama will learn the real lessons from Mr. Lincoln.

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