Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Indian" School Nicknames/Mascots

One of the reasons that so many citizens think so little of government is the official use of "sticks" (Fines, forfeitures, withholding-of-funds) to enforce laws. At least in the case of Native American "nick names" or "mascots" used by some high schools it might be better to use a "carrot".

I suggest that the Wisconsin Legislature offer a $25,000 prize to the first high school which changes its "nick name" to "The William T. Sherman Troopers", with the band uniforms being the yellow-leg blues of our Calvary troops of the 1870s and the motto "I saw some good Indians ...".!

Of course, it might be well to use some "sticks" as a $25,000 fine-or-forfeiture to be imposed on any persons("Professional victims" looking for their "15-minutes of fame") who falsely claims to represent a Native American tribe or band (Without being an elected official of such an organization) in any case as to high schools' use of "nick names".

Here I specially note that the Seminole Native Americans of Florida, very specially and very officially, approved the "nick name" use of their name by a State university---And, took pride in that application.

If, on the other hand, there are Native American tribes-or-bands who officially object to the use (As examples of bravery and courage) of their collective names, high schools might well consider other examples (eg Rangers, SEALs, Troopers, Grunts) to honor the real heroes of the USA.

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