Thursday, February 19, 2009

Open Letter To AG Holder RE: Black History


2321 South 82 Street
West Allis, WI   53219
(414) 545-1884

18 February 2009

Mr. Eric Holder
Attorney General Of The United States
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20630-0001

Dear Mr. Holder:

You have declared, with special reference to "Black History Month", that US citizens should be more honest about race relations and Black History. Since you want honesty, here is a heaping plate-full of honesty and truth for you or anyone with the courage to read this note and consider the below sampling.

1. It was Black "chiefs" who sold other Blacks into the slavery of Whites traders and, through them, to White, Native American and (Oh yes) Black slave-holders, where those slaves'  descendants prosper among us to a level generally unknown to the descendants of those left behind in Africa.
2. Muslims raided Black Africa and caught their own slaves, who have disappeared from the world's genetic pool, especially in Muslim ruled lands.
3. Muslims are still inflicting slavery (Along with murder, rape and genocide) upon Black Africa.
4. It was through the efforts, blood, limbs and lives of mostly White soldiers that legal freedom came to Blacks in the USA---Which was an unearned gift of "something for nothing" which may explain much of what is not good in Black communities in this nation.
5. In the 144 years since the end of the "War Between The States" many Blacks have earned positions of great learning, wealth and influence through the extra-ordinary efforts required of all humans to reach those goals (Which are very, very, different from "Affirmative Action Goals"!). [Among those now prominent in the news are the Black (Well, Brown) Mr. Obama and the Black (Well, very light Brown) you.]
6. For those unwilling to make those honest efforts, their enslavement is to themselves and to such bad-thinking as: School and studies are "White"; Do not snitch on the Black criminals preying on other Blacks; Abusing women is manly; People have a "right" to success, wealth and respect; Surrendering entry level jobs, seats in universities and the other roads to success to illegal immigrants is OK as it hurts "Whitey"; A man's job ends with impregnating women and does not include child care, education, etc..
7. The income differences between Blacks and Whites/Asians in the USA might be well compared to the differences in their: Efforts towards education; Use of illegal drugs; Blaming others rather than self-examination-and-correction (A common factor in "criminal thinking"); And, differences (For those finishing high school) in career choices, with Engineers, Lawyers (eg Mr. Obama and you), Physicians doing very well VS. "Black Studies" majors electing and suffering from an too often
illusionary area-of-studies).
8. A major factor in the self-delusion of some Blacks in the manner in which  Black History (Especially as to that of Africa) is relied upon to  make some Blacks "feel good about themselves"---Even at a cost to Truth and ignorance of what many, many, Blacks in the USA have accomplished so much beyond those in Africa.

If you (Or your staff) elect to call me a "racist", that is only further proof of such self-delusion as is noted above and of the ignorance upon which such an opinion is based.

Democratically yours,
James Pawlak

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Man, are you a sicko ....