Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama Insult To The British---And Americans

It has been reported that Mr. Obama has removed the bust of Winston Churchill (Who wrote hard, but honest, things about Islam) from the Oval Office and returned it the UK. That is a gross insult to the British----And those Americans who still understand that the "Britain That Was" is the well source of our laws, customs and civilization.

However, the UK's Labour Party's various policies (Including its "submission" to the forces of Islam; Attempting to remove Mr. Churchill from school history books) provide enough insults to the British People to cover-up Mr. Obama's like surrender to Islamic "sensibilities", leaving the followers of Mohammed of Mecca free to focus on beheading or otherwise murdering their women-and-girls and killing "unbelievers".

Ah---The "Religion Of Peace"! Ah---political prostitution!

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