Friday, February 27, 2009

Natural Law, Weapons, Self-Defense, ETC.

I am a life-long Latin-Rite Catholic; But, was educated by the state's schools and in the "school of hard knocks". Therefore, I am unqualified to seek out reliable answers to my own questions about the Faith---Especially as outlined below.

Unfortunately, my questions about "Natural Law & The Use Of Deadly Force" to various priests and other learned persons have met with ivory-tower, weasel-worded responses. For the most part no responses were made as a matter of courtesy or exercise of the "teaching responsibility" of such persons.

1. That the local or state/provincial or national or international policing authorities are too few and too late to prevent criminal attacks on me or my family or neighbors or other innocents.
2. That those agents-of-governments are often unwilling to protect people from those who are politically powerful or who have otherwise corrupted or infiltrated their organizations.
3. That responses will be on a basis of Natural Law rather than civil law or even those teachings of the Church which are not fully binding on the People of God.

(Beginning With The Easiest & Progressing To Harder Ones)

1. If I feel fear of death or great bodily injury, without any later evaluation of "reasonableness t be considered", may I immediately use deadly force to protect myself?
2. Does the same apply to those situations when I likewise fear for the lives and physical safety of who I believe, at the moment, to be innocents?
3. Do I (And others) have a Natural Law right to ready access to the effective means
(ie Modern firearms and ammunition) to enforce the right of self-defense and defense of innocent others? [Please review "Assumptions" above before replying!]
4. Is rape of either gender (Most specially of children) or impressing children into military or para-military forces a threat which allows the use of deadly force to prevent (Again, without any "ex post facto" evaluation beyond the establishment of a claim of fear)?
5. As the "authorities" are unwilling to protect our most innocent , unborn children, from abortionists, is it then permitted to use deadly force to keep any person from preforming abortions as mere threats would only delay such murders?
6. Is it permitted, under Natural Law, to use deadly force to keep the civil or military authorities (eg Police, military, judges, elected and appointed officials) from taking away, or even limiting access of adult, sane and otherwise law-abiding citizens to the ready means (Modern firearms and ammunition) to enforce the above-noted Natural Law rights in the face of the usual failures of such authorities to provide the needed and preventative protections?
7. Is it permitted to use deadly force to protect a community and civilization from deadly attacks by ideological fanatics (eg Nazis, militant Atheists, Muslims strictly following the teachings of Mohammed of Mecca, Church hating secularists, those homosexuals who use physical attacks against those who oppose them and against their buildings and institutions) when the civil authorities can or will not protect?

I suspect that more questions of the same general theme could be poised; But,the above should clarify the issues for me---If responses are clear, lucid and logical, based on good teachings.

Anyone willing to provide some "real world" applications, as to the problems and questions noted above, is begged to write me at jamespawlak1 at crusaderknight dot blogspot dot com----So that reasoned discourse may be possible. NO COMMENTS FROM THAT COWARD "ANONYMOUS" WILL BE RETAINED!

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Aunty Belle said...

gracious, these here is tough questions. But important questions--I wish we din't have to think on this sorta stuff, but the conditions of our declinin' culture might cause more and more of us to think deeply on these matters.

I reckon I gits comfort from St. Thomas Aquinas who laid out how to figger what is right acccordin' to natural law. St. Thomas noted a hierarchy of goods, an one of them high up "goods" is self preservation.

He said a man has not only a right but an obligation to defend his self from death.

The problem comes in when we is tryin' to determine how serious a threat might be.

If another is usin' deadly force against you or yore folks or any other innocent, then yore response wif' deadly force is justified.

Would be best if ya could wound the attacker--I mean, in the hopes he might live long enough to repent his evil deeds so he might git a shot at heaven rather than an eternity of hell.

Ya' know what I done? I prayed that iffin' I ever have to face such a situation that God will guide my split second decisions--I might not have wits enough to pray at that moment--so I said that prayer in advance.

Iffin' ya want to have a look at a book online--one page of it--here is the link that speaks to yore question.,M1