Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Ape Cartoons" & Presidents

Some of the supporters of Mr. Obama and "professional Blacks" (NOT Black professionals) have "taken exception" to the New York Post cartoon which some have claimed that Mr. Obama was compared to an ape. As Mr. Obama has taken an unseemly pride in implying that Abraham Lincoln is his role-model, those professional victims should first look at the ape-like characterizations of Lincoln printed during his lifetime and then take pride in the parallel treatment.

Of course, there are no such real parallels as Mr. Obama is most unlike Mr. Lincoln as to defending the Union against its enemies, approval of courts-martial to try deserters and terrorists, approving the execution of such dangerous persons, support of big business, a personal history of physical hard work, logical and fact-based debates with his opponents; and the actual practice of the Law in the demanding real court venues, etc..

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