Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some Forgotten Illegals

In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel;s October 23rd and pro-open-borders editorial ("Just counterproductive") the editors forgot to note some illegal immigrants who also hope to avoid detection-and-deportation after arrest (Hopefully also by non-Federal authorities), TO WIT: Drug smugglers and dealers; "Gang-bangers"; Identity thieves; Potential terrorists; Bearers of untreatable diseases; And, persons who work without paying taxes and ship billions of such untaxed moneys out of the USA and our economy.

As a matter of journalistic honesty, that editorial really should have noted those "other" illegal immigrants.

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Four Pointer said...

Hey, come on now! They're just smuggling durgs, raping women, and stealing identities that we white folks are too lazy to smuggle, rape, and steal!