Saturday, October 20, 2007

Searchers After Truth VS. True Believers

Putting forth unpopular questions (eg Are there differences between races or genders? Does human activities have any real effect on climate? Did the holocaust occur? Is Islam inherently violent and a danger to civilization?) has become very unpopular---Among the "True Believers" who prefer Faith to reasoned inquiry. Those cultists use every means, including the power of the State (eg Hate speech laws) or personal violence (eg Cutting off heads) or other means (eg Suspending students; Denying tenure to professors) to forward the cause of their "religion" (eg Atheism) and to punish those who might disagree with their "theology".

This horrid movement away from searching for truth has already overcome too many politicians, TV producers and editors. What is even more horrid, is that such mob rule has infected and is destroying our universities and professional associations of what were once scholars and searchers after Truth.

In all academic, political and general debate there should never be any "That is beyond question/debate" statements as might be based on power of some consensus of real or self-appointed authorities. (After all, at one time the "experts" all agreed that the Sun revolved around the Earth and that atoms were indivisible).

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