Friday, October 19, 2007

Rust, Water, Jobs & Treaties

After all the years of Southern and Western States sucking out the "Rust Belt's" jobs and many of our citizens by use of lower (Non-union) wages, lower costs due to no great need for heating and just-plain-bribes by them to various corporations, those parts of the USA are now whining that their water supplies are too low. Hurray! There is justice in this world and karma is being balanced!

Some there now want Great Lakes water to be piped to them. In a pig's eye! I would, however, be willing to support the addition of beautiful photos of our large lakes (If the US Army Corps Of Engineers does not drain them dry) to our efforts to recruit businesses and jobs back to the Great Lakes Basin.

Strangely enough, those who supported and profited from the environmentally unsound exurban growth in such places as Waukesha County, are making the same demands. Not so strangely I wish them well in their thirst and suggest that they might wish to stop such growth before all of the well water is exhausted---As we should NOT allow any Great Lakes water to go outside of the lakes' basin, a matter regulated by inter-national treaty having a force-of-law only slightly inferior to that of the Constitution.

Elected officials, who "know what is good for them", would do well to oppose any transfer of Great Lakes water away from that part of Wisconsin with the largest number of voters.

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