Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lay-Offs At Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Buried on Page-3D of today's business section of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was the news of that newspaper's intent to lay off, via "buyouts", 50 staff due to falling revenue.

That newspaper's publisher, Ms. B. Brenner, is responsible for its overall operations (Including the matter of revenue). Therefore, I had expected to read that she would either take a proportional cut in her salary and other benefits or be replaced with someone more skilled in that business. I was disappointed to not see such news. Perhaps, I should also have read of pay cuts or terminations for those staff responsible for developing and executing plans to prevent decreases in income.

We might also consider the possibility that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's grossly liberal bias has "turned off" those more conservative and middle-of-road readers who might otherwise advertise in that paper. If that is the case, some changes in the editorial direction of our area's largest paper is needed.

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