Friday, December 23, 2011

Why CCW Is Better Than Open Carry

One of the disadvantages of the open carrying of weapons (For some time allowed to all adult citizens not on probation or parole) is contained in the unlawful harassment of some legally (And openly) "carrying" citizens in Madison, WI. That case involved a mob of Madison, WI police officers confronting five such legally, openly and peacefully armed citizens. Those who overcame probable fear of unstable an unconstitutional armed police officers were illegally arrested. That asinine police misbehavior cost the City of Madison $10,000.00.

Milwaukee has Edward (SS-und PolizieFuhrer) Flynn who has stated that "his" (Gee whiz, I thought they "belonged" to the citizens of that city) officers are to "take to the ground" any (Openly) armed person until they can "prove" they have a right to go armed. With that prior statement, I suggest that any citizen attacked in that manner should NOT settle for less than $100,000.00.

The other reasons for concealed carry are:
A. To avoid upsetting those immature persons who get upset stomachs and egos upon seeing an armed and law-abiding citizen who is, I presume, willing and able to defend self against criminal attacks---And to protect fellow citizens;
B. To not draw the first fire of such criminals and to allow the armed citizen to "surprise" such critters.

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