Friday, December 23, 2011

On CCW, Liability, Constitutions & "Posting"

The usual "much heat and little light" has been generated by those opposed to our democratically elected Legislature ruling that no minimum number of hours of "gun training" is needed to obtain a permit to carry concealed weapons.

Beyond consideration of the carrying of weapons is a basic constitutional right (Endorsed by President Thomas Jefferson, the Supreme Court of the USA and the People of Wisconsin in Article-I, Section-25 of their Constitution) all should remember that the carrying of such lumpy devices is a personal choice. Doing so puts such free citizens as exercise that right at very great personal risk of arrest, imprisonment, lawyers' fees, costs and damages if they use-or-misuse weapons---Even if found "Not Guilty" in any criminal case AND found not financially responsible in civil cases.

From a political-philosophical point-of-view it is important that the decision to carry or use weapons is a personal and not "nanny state" choice. The many persons, chiefly in "certain neighborhoods" who have been illegally carrying and criminally misusing guns for many years made their personal choices. I doubt me that those who get CCW licenses will demonstrate any parallel patterns of misuse---As demonstrated in those States which have "must issue" CCW-permit laws---Without regard to the training received.

When my CCW-permit arrives, I will carry to, if nothing else, exercise a constitutional right too long suppressed by the proponents of the "nanny state" and other forms of tyranny.

Those who persecute, rather than ethically-and-legally prosecute gun carrying and self-defense-using citizens are tyrants. They must and shall be removed from appointed or elective office.

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