Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Dhimmitude" In The Media

Dhimmitude is the state of being in very humble subjection to Islam and Muslims. This fatal (To intellectual and journalistic honesty) disease has infected most of the media (Including such otherwise honest sources as Fox News).

Jihad is primarily Muslims' use of force against persons who are not Muslims in obedience to the directives of Islam's inventor (Mohammed of Mecca & Medina) to force them to either convert to Islam OR to grovel in a state of dhimmitude.

A recent and most troubling example of this is the failure of the Press to report that the persons responsible for the recent mass killings in Belgian, shootings in Hollywood (California) and other like incidents were Muslims apparently on jihad.

The "duty" to be involved in such jihad activities is binding on every Muslim male and does not require any authorization by any Islamic group or religious-political authority (eg A Caliph)

The horrid plague of dhimmitude has a very special locus in such places as the Associated Press which infects many newspapers---Especially those which do not "check the facts" before reprinting AP stories.

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Colin said...

Curious: Do you have more info on the Belgium grenade/shooting attack or the Hollywood shooting having anything to do with Muslims? Because I haven't seen that anywhere.