Friday, August 07, 2009

Today's Worship Of Ba'al

The titular god of the City State of Carthage (In North Africa) was Baal to which the residents (In times of crisis and at other times) would throw their children into a raging furnace.

At that time Rome was still a republic, maintaining "Roman virtues", in an era before that city sate degenerated into the worship of death in the Arena, bloody civil wars and extinction of some entire peoples. At that time Roman Senator Marcus Percius Cato would end every speech with the words Carthago Delenda Est (Carthage must be destroyed)---Without regard to the subject of his speech. It is unknown if this was due to the economic-political rivalry between those two cities OR in disgust of the barbaric child sacrifices made in that North African state.

In this era many Muslim fathers and mothers send out their child to explosive death as "suicide-homicide bombers" and take an unholy and Carthage like pride in such child sacrifice, even educating the very young towards that fatal and barbaric goal. It appears that too many Muslims have taken the pre-Islamic word Allah (God) to really mean Ba'al (Or Shaitan or Iblis). Since this regression to the Jihad mentality is built into the teachings of Islam, I say to the whole world Mecca Delenda Est.

Yet, the USA and the balance of the West should not look down on Cartage or Islam! We sacrifice many, many, hundreds-of-thousands of babies to the false god "abortion on demand" by such equally horrid means of dismemberment (Thing 'death of a thousand cuts"), piercing the skulls and sucking out the brains of children capable of feeling pain and probable of thought and the fire-like and horrid death through the use of corrosive chemicals. The proposals of some in the current Western governments (Including the USA) include killing off the aged and wise by encouraging them to commit suicide---A horror even beyond that of Cartage or Islam. To them and the world I say "Fill In Name***" Delenda Est!

It appears that "talking" with such evil persons, in Islam or in the West, has not reduced the evils noted above. The alternative is the execution of our Natural Law rights and duties to defend the innocent---By any effective means available to us (NOT as a matter of revenge BUT of justice).

*** Any person or organization which supports abortion-on-demand (Except to counter
a clear-and-present danger to the life of the mother) or the pressured suicide of the aged

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Anonymous said...

Exactly right. Well said.

You can only "talk" with people who have cultural similarities to yours... the worship of death cults -- from Baal of 2000 years ago, to the Aztecs of 600 years ago, to the jihadists of today -- shows that certain people are so different that you cannot reason with them; you must eliminate their poison from the earth.