Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shouting, Revolutions, Obama & His Supporters

With all of the controversy about the "shouting" and and about the various "Town Hall Meetings", regarding "health care reform", there is something forgotten or avoided by editors, reporters, TV's "talking heads" and, most specially, Mr. B. K. Obama and his arrogant congress-critters and other like supporters.

That is that many revolutions have begun or continued with shouting. The series of bloody Mexican revolutions began with the "Grito de Delores"; The very bloody French Revolution began with shouted arguments in the 1789 National Assembly and continued with the mob shouts at the storming of the Bastille and at the beheading of those seen as tyrants; Our own first Revolution was prefaced by a shouts of of Hurray at the taring-and-feathering of the officials of a tyrannical central government, of the "mob" in Boston, "Give me liberty or death!" AND began with a shout at Lexington to a group of armed citizens: ",,,but if they want war, let it start now!".

The above-noted persons (AND, all of our citizens) should and must remember that the American Revolution began with a reaction to an effort of a tyrannical central government to seize a supply of (Then) modern weapons and munitions from citizens.

To paraphrase: "If you do not learn from history, you will be condemned to repeat it". Mr. Obama et. al. should consider that statement and our US History.

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