Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Prayer Of A Soldier

As there appear to be "pathological pacifists" (And others) who deny that fighting men can "know God" AND have a "personal relationship" with Him, I offer the poem below in English and, better yet, in the original French.

God, give me what you have left;
Give me what no on ever requests.

I am not asking for rest,
Nor tranquility;
Neither that of the soul or of the body.

I am not asking for wealth
Nor Success, or even health.

Your are asked for all of these so often
That you must have none left.

Give me, God, what you do have left.
Give me what no one wants.

I seek insecurity and disquiet.
I see torment and combat.
And, God, give them to me indefinitely;
That I am sure to have them always
Because I won't always have the courage to ask You.

Give me, God, what you have left.
Give me what others don't want;
BUT, also give me courage, strength and faith.

Found on the body of Lt. Andre Zimheld, French Free Forces, Parchutiste
KIA 1942

1. Mon Dieu, donne-moi la tourmente,
Donne-moi la souffrance,
Donne-moi l’ardeur au combat.
Mon Dieu, mon Dieu, donne-moi la tourmente,
Donne-moi la souffrance,
Et puis la gloire au combat, et puis la gloire au combat.

2. Ce dont les autres ne veulent pas,
Ce que l’on te refuse,
Donne-moi tout cela, oui, tout cela.
Je ne veux ni repos, ni même la santé
Tout ça, mon Dieu, t’est assez demandé.

3. Mais donnes-moi, mais donnes-moi,
Mais donnes-moi la foi
Donne-moi force et courage,
Mais donnes-moi la foi, donnes moi force et courage,
Mais donnes-moi la foi
Pour que je sois sur de moi !


Not being as creative, I go back to my Slavic roots and say the best prayer:
"Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God,
Have mercy on me a sinner"; OR, in the alternative,
"Mecca Delenda Est; Deus Vult!"


Anonymous said...

Why is it possible for a man to kill ten people and be a serial killer in one context and a war hero in another - same actions, different context.

Kinda makes you think, doesn't it?

James Pawlak said...

To "Anonymous":

The difference is an outcome of the error in translation which should be "Thou shall not MURDER". The courage of the warrior is very different from that of a murderer---Or of those who send anonymous notes.

Islamic Truth said...

As a US Marine I can tell you that it is absolutely possible to know God in a personal way, yet perform the duties of a soldier. Psalm 91 was shared by many in my unit over an 8 year period, some of those men didn't make it home, but they remain in our hearts forever! That psalm was a tremendous source of strength and courage for us during a war in which none of us fully understood, yet we were called on by our country to fight it. Thank you for posting this blog sir, you made my day! I was simply researching the crusades and discovered it. Well done! Semper Fi!

Klaus Buck said...

It's all context. A heroic warrior may use violence, and even kill, to protect innocents. Consider a Free French soldier who fought to drive Nazis from his homeland. He may have killed ten unjust aggressors while preventing the deaths of uncountable Jews.
The deaths of the Germans was tragic but necessary and justified.
The serial murderer simply blasphemes God by wickedly killing human beings made in His image.
If you can't tell the difference your moral judgment is either underdeveloped or pathological warped.

Guillermo Westbrooks said...

Murders are gods way of cleaning house without taking the blame