Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who Is B. H. Obama?

I cannot but note the following about Mr. B. H. Obama.
1. He as taken a very hard stance against the State of Israel, consistent with the popular feelings of most Muslims;
2. His State Department sometimes refuses to admit that Jerusalem is the capitol of that outpost of democracy and progress in the Middle East.
3. That same DOS has made special (And probably unconstitutional) moves towards specially forwarding the teachings of Islam in its programs.
4. Mr. B. H. Obama was, in part, educated in a Islamic-dominated school in Indonesian where he was listed as a Muslim.
5. He strongly supports abortion-on-demand knowing (Or should know) that Muslims do not abort---Which may account for their population growth in Europe VS that of "real Europeans". (ie Those committed to individual and collective freedom, creativity, democracy).
6. His Cairo speech was full half-truths and outright lies about the history of the USA as to Islam (eg The first foreign recognition of the USA was by a Dutch salute to an American warship and NOT by a North African Sultan; Our first foreign war was with the very Islamic Barbary States; Islam is very intolerant of dissent from its views, very war like and the source of most of the terrorism in the world today by those majority of Muslims who support Mohammed's teachings on Jihad); And, Islam tolerated Jews and Christians if, and only if, they had a very inferior social and legal position and were clearly made to understand their "inferiority").
7. His long time association with a sort-of Christian Church and its pastor was marred by that church's and pastor's expression of hate towards Jews and, more worrying, their support of the very hate filled "Black Muslim" movement.

At this point, please note that "paranoia" is only the unreasonable fear of others and things.

Who or what them IS Mr. B. H. Obama?

A. Is he a brilliant politician who knows: Which statements to make, which not to make and which to fill with semantically empty content; Which heavy contributors and other politicians or organizations to "stroke" with favors, policy-positions and recognition; And, how to avoid being pinned down so as to avoid blame for failed policies and programs?

Until recently that could have well described him. However, he has been pinned down and has alienated his left-wing supports and many (If not most) moderates, as well as hardening the expected opposition of the right.

B. Is he just another used-car-salesman-like Chicago and Illinois ward-healer and, in a subtle way, pay-for-play politician with the worst-possible political background and associates (Many "thrown under the bus wheels")? You decide!

C. Is he someone who has used a Black Church and Christianity as a door way into elected office knowing that association with main-line Christian groups. Buddhism, Islam or too-obvious self-worship would not get him the same advantage? You decide!

D. Or, is he some sort of "sleeper agent" for Islam, a crypto-Muslim, a sort-of Manchurian Candidate? Only history will be able to evaluate this!

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