Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Four Objections To Obama's Health Plan

After listening to many, without shouting, pro-and-con arguments as to the various "health plan" proposals made by Mr. B. K. Obama and members of his Party I wish you to note the following objections and comments.


1. I most strongly object to any such plan(s) or collateral legislation which uses my tax dollars to provide on-demand abortions (Except for cases of a clear-and-present danger to the life of the mother) in the USA or, through foreign aid, other nations through the UN (Useless Nations) or "Planned Barrenhood"or other agencies.
2. I am equally opposed to any direct or indirect furthering of plans which would withhold palliative or corrective or pain-control therapies for the old or infirm on any "life expectancy" or "usefulness-to-society" basis as such is much too like that practiced by the Nazis and very much against my most deep moral judgment.
3. To only a slightly lesser extent I am opposed to the coverage of illegal aliens as they have, by their illegal entry, avoided the (Full) jurisdiction of the USA as required by the Fourteenth Amendment to to the Constitution for coverage of "rights" under that document and our laws.
4. But, I am even more opposed to any such plan as does not require the President, Vice-President, Member of the Cabinet, Members of the Congress AND their dependents to receive "health care" through any private plans or private pay, with a $10.000/day penalty for doing so AND a provision that any judicial or legislative nullification of that provision will nullify the entire plan.


A. It will not be enough to merely exclude the objectionable items noted above from any "health care plan"; But, it will be necessary to both contain enforcement clauses to prohibit them and to make impossible any collateral legislation which would "sneak them in

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