Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Economics Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Without regard to the ethics or morality (If either still have meaning under an Obama administration), there are serious problems as to the economics of embryonic stem cell research---A matter ignored by most Catholic editors and other writers who, very properly, focus on the moral problems involved.

If this form of "research" has any potential for safe, reliable and useful therapies, then private companies and like university spin-off operations would seize upon it without the use of constraining federal funds (My paid-under-protest tax dollars) in the hope or reasonable expectation that they would make profits on such. There are now and could be (For fees paid or voluntary contributions) "embryonic stem cell lines" available to such non-federal funded operations----Without regard to my or others objections to such.

Of course, the private exploitation of this process would leave private corporations (Including university spin-off operations) liable for damages caused by future repeats of the horrid and deadly side-effects of cancers, other neoplasms and other side-effects implicit in the use of such cells. Even public university spin-off corporations, being divorced from state funding and control, would face such liabilities---And very bad publicity.

This research direction or thrust may generate income----For trial attorneys who wish a money-making target as "easy" as the Church.

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