Thursday, March 05, 2009

Republicans Can Win---With Party Disipline

Sometimes I wonder the leaders of my Party really want to win national elections! It, most strongly, appears that the leadership (Most specially Republican US Senators) are so tied up with accumulating personal power and wealth that the future of the Party, the real future of the USA, is of so less importance as to be hardly noticed by them, the RNC and the People.

It appears that some external discipline, other than that of the voters as already expressed, must be imposed on those elected officials who vary from the basic Republican principles of economy (Especially as to "pork" and "ear marks"), patriotism, free-markets, national defense (Including fully effective border security) and the like.

Republican officials (Especially US Senators) who are so un-Republican as to not support those values should be formally "warned off" by the RNC. If such a warning does not have its positive effect, then such persons should be removed from all Congressional leadership positions, denied membership on the RNC, not allowed to be delegates at our Party's conventions, and denied the use of State and National Party organizations and personnel to raise campaign funds.

I realize that such will be very unpopular---Among those who have gained power and wealth by holding official position; But, such will be the key to future election victories and the positive future of the USA! I realize that this would fly in the face of "senatorial privilege" and other blocks to the common good of and in the USA.

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