Monday, March 09, 2009

Surprise At Obama's Expansion Of Programs?

It appears that many of the media's pre-election worshipers (Excuse me,supporters) of Mr. Obama are now surprised and even shocked at the costly expansion of his program proposals well beyond those noted by him in the last campaign. Why?

Did they fail to consider the possibility of Chicago style pay-offs to all of Mr. Obama's followers-and-contributors who were-and-are foes of free enterprise, national security, Christianity, open borders, Jews and the State Of Israel AND who are supporters of Islam, limiitng-or-destroying parental rights, unrestricted abortion and other death-worshiping causes AND other anti-Civilization causes?

Remember that Adolf Hitler was also elected on a platform which was grossly expanded to a political takeover of the Army, genocide, socialist programs self-defeated by joining with the worst persons in German industry-and-business and other crimes. ("Those who fail to learn from history will be condemned to repeat it.")

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