Saturday, March 28, 2009

Really Support Our Troops!

The best information available to me is that many active duty members of our Armed Forces (And the US Coast Guard) were effectively deprived of the basic civil right of having their votes counted due to restrictive, often state or local based, procedures which do not allow sufficient time for the mailing and return of absentee ballots.

Therefore, I strongly suggest that the following be enacted into law for any election for any Federal office:
1. That all persons responsible for the sending out of absentee ballots be required to do so not less than 120-days before any such election for all persons having a military (Or USGC) address.
2. That such ballots and their return envelopes are to be mailed out via the fastest possible US mail.
3. That the return envelopes are NOT to be marked to allow identification of the voter as a member of the Armed Forces (Or, USCG) OR as a member of any political party even for jurisdictions with closed primary systems.
4. That military and USCG commanders are to be directly ordered to expedite the delivery of such mail and, as necessary, the courier delivery of such mail and immediate forwarding via the fastest possible means to those who have been transferred from their commands AND give them notice that their evaluations shall include note of their compliance with this order.

Now, when will the Congress introduce and pass such a bill?

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