Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama's Crew Of Baby Killers, Cheats & Duds

There are many better writers than I am who have recently pointed out that Mr. Obama's various nominees are plagued by a lack of obedience to our tax laws, including the personage (Whose name I will not note as I expect him to shortly and properly leave public office) who became the head of Treasury Department which oversees the IRS. Mr. Obama has nominated other like "tax cheats" for high public office.

Beyond such tax cheats, Mr. Obama has appointed or nominated a number of incompetent persons to high office. The Secretary Of Homeland Security demonstrated her inability (Or unwillingness!), as a Governor, to protect the citizens of Arizona from armed raids by Mexican "Drug Lords" into her State resulting in kidnappings, assaults and (I believe) killings there. The Secretary Of State's experience in foreign affairs appears to be limited by very limited "pillow talk" with a once sitting and incompetent President and such hearsay as she picked up in the White House.

Dr. Kagan, Mr. Obama's Solicitor General, has high academic qualification (Earned in an era when "political correctness" was more important than thinking) AND did her legal apprenticeship under Federal Judge Abner Mikva and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, who were two of the most "left wing" (And, therefore, anti-democratic) judges ever to infest our judiciary.

Yet, our dollar driven (And ethically-or-morally castrated) society does not seem to have the same problems with Mr. Obama's nominees who are ardently in favor of murdering unborn children for no reason other than the "connivance" of the mother and, sometimes, of the father who often has forced abortion upon the unborn child's host OR in full support of those Nazi like social theories as to eliminating "untermenchen".

It is not surprising that Mr. Obama has selected these horrid persons as he, himself, has strongly supported such killings---Even after a child survives an abortion and is born alive, an "accident" which Mr. Obama wished corrected by allowing such humans to die. In this case "birds of a feather, sticking together" refers to vultures who politically feed off the killings done by others.

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