Wednesday, March 12, 2008

USA--The New Yugoslavia???

The presence of foreign language focused businesses has long been a characteristic of the transition of immigrants from outsiders to members of the greater and great American society. However, there should always be the understanding and hope that such businesses will fade away to mere shadows as the immigrants of any one culture become fully incorporated into the USA and, for that matter, world culture within the unifying framework of the English language. "Becoming American" was the goal most immigrants set for their children and grand-children, even to the extent of depriving them of their mother tongues.

However, the recent influx of huge numbers of Latino immigrants (Too many arriving here in violation of our laws and without any real interest in "becoming American") points out the danger of many parts of this nation (eg Southern California, Miami) becoming enclaves of perpetual-foreigners and converting the USA into a matrix of culturally different and antagonistic enclaves much like the now defunct and self-destroyed Yugoslavia or like Austro-Hungarian Empire.

At this time in our history there are already too many forces tending to destroy such national unity as we now and very much need in the face of such threats as Islamic terrorism and war-like Chinese economic aggression. We need to eliminate as many of such destructive tendencies as is possible, among which I count some immigrants' commitment to NOT integrating with the larger USA society and within the English language framework.


Anonymous said...

But Latinos are not alien to the US in either religion or culture, are they? So what's the problem?

James Pawlak said...

Latinos are different in culture to and extent which would take a 1,000 words to merely outline.

ancestral_m said...

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