Sunday, March 30, 2008

Everyone's 100-year-war lie

Mr. Charles Krauthammer's column "Democrats' 100-year-war lie" was reprinted in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel of March 29, 2008. What he and just about everyone else ignore is the fact that the current "wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan are only "battles" in the 1400-year war with the essential forces of Islam who are following the essential teaching of Mohammed: That there is and must be perpetual war with all "unbelievers" until they "submit" (The true meaning of "Islam") as converts to that ideology or put themselves in a perpetual state of servitude (Dhimitude) to it.

What is also ignored is the fact that any insult to Islam or the Koran or Mohammed OR even any resistance to Islam's efforts towards world conquest is considered by the true believers of Islam as sufficient and just cause to use war, murder, genocide, rape, robbery and the other horrors taught by Mohammed to overcome such insults or resistance.

Other Americans (eg John Q. Adams) have also noted the essential differences between the Judeo-Christian and Islamic world-views and the essential "wrongness" of Islam.

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