Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Speech On Islam---Says It All


The following is the transcript of a speech on the subject of Islam given by Jim Horn, vice Chairman of the United American Committee, to a group of Republican women in Southern California on Tuesday March 18th 2008. During and after his speech Jim was met with thunderous applause.

Note: The contents of this speech may not necessarily reflect official policies of the UAC.

We are not at war with terrorism. Terrorism is a tool

Who’s attacking us? Is it Japanese? British? Hawaiians? Canadians? Israelis? Koreans? Brazilians? Icelanders? No, it’s Moslems. Islamists

We are definitely at war with Islam, and our very survival is at stake. More importantly, that of our children and grand-children.

To quote former British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill: “Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities; but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

Things haven’t changed.

Those attacking us are not special “fundamentalist” or “radical” Moslems.

They are just honest Moslems like bin Laden, Khomeni, Ahmadinejad, emulating the prototype Moslem terrorist, Mohammed, and doing what his Koran tells them to do.

They want to terrorize us into submission.


We are not doing too well!

We’ve let the anti-God crowd (led by the ACLU) kick God out of our schools. Now, they are ushering Allah in. Islam is an evil, bigoted cult!

Moslems are working to make us submit (the Arabic word is Islam) - to becoming Moslems or accepting dhimmitude - which is being inferior to them, of eroding our will to resist.

The real meaning of being a Moslem, of accepting Islam is the willful acceptance of perpetual ignorance, humiliation, poverty, disease, suffering, self-loathing and abuse, hatred of women and sub-human existence.

The cult of Islam is an implacable foe -- this seems to elude many of our leaders.
They foolishly parrot Islamist taqiyyah - lying, balderdash, propaganda that Islam is a religion of peace, that Islam is not the enemy. B.S.!

Here is a fundamental truth: The only peace that Islam recognizes is peace under the domination of Islam. Nothing else!

Any ignoramus who believes otherwise is a simple minded dhimmi fool. This applies to those who believe in so-called moderate Moslems. A moderate Moslem is one who sends others blow themselves up.

Islam’s assault is smart and determined. We can never underestimate their determination - which is to subdue and control us completely.

Our leaders can’t get a grip on it. – they’re befuddled. They are willfully ignorant dhimmis.

The Moslems are employing a multi-pronged attack:

Militarily, it‘s jihad: They are shooting us, blowing us up, cutting our throats.

With no identifiable central military command and control structure, our generals are befuddled and don’t know where to blow things up.

Islam’s goal - is to weaken us. We are NOT succeeding in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Djibouti, Indonesia, the Philippines, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, the Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya, Turkey, Bosnia, Kosovo, nor anywhere else. Our finest are dying every day. And we are putting some of them in military prisons for defending our country! This is a travesty.

Moslems have blown up embassies, airplanes, the USS Cole, the Khobar towers in Saudi Arabia, our Marines in Beirut, kidnapped, tortured, and murdered Americans all over, they took hostages in Tehran, and did 9/11.
Why? Who are we?

We are the lynchpin of civilization, of what is basically good, decent, and civilized.

The Moslems know that if we fall, so will go the rest of civilization.

The A-bomb terrorized the Japanese into quitting.

We crushed the Nazis.

We didn’t use the A-bomb in Korea, and were beaten back to the 38th parallel where it began.

We didn’t use all of our force in Vietnam and were handed our own butts in defeat.

We are now giving the Moslems a silver platter on which they will hand our sorry butts back to us.

We are trying to fight by our rules
- Moslems won‘t comply.
- Therefore our rules don’t apply.

We need to adopt some of their rules.

- Or make new rules.


They control our energy - oil.
- They charge us billions -- and we pay, and we pay.

Our dollars buy every bullet, grenade, rocket, land mine (IED), etc. that kills an American. Yankee dollars to kill Yankee soldiers!

They are taking control of us.
- They buy and control our stocks
- They are buying our media -- and have silenced Bill O’Reilley who used to go after Saudi Sheikh’s.
- Saudis now own 15% of FOX and effectively sign his pay check. Saudis are off limits. A diminished O’Reilley rants about Rosie, gays, illegals, and pedophiles -
he’s become a tabloid denizen like Jeraldo and Jerry. FOX is now even servile towards Moslim Arabs.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has gone after Michael Savage in a big way in their efforts to censor or to subdue him. Unlike O’Reilley, Savage is courageously fighting back. Mark Steyn, a Canadian is facing charges of hate speech brought on by his forthright and honest writings about Islam and Moslems (America Alone). The ones bringing those charges are the Canadian equivalent of CAIR, the Canadian Islamic Congress.

This is a form of terrorism. It‘s Arabic word is HIRABAH.

Hirabah is a form of public terrorism and intimidation in an assault on a society - the targeting of people in a way to cause fear, anxiety, terror. It is the threat of legal or other intimidation against anyone who speaks out against Moslems. The way to overcome this is for thousands and thousands of us to go out and express ourselves, to speak in ways --(the simple truth will do)-- that offend Moslems, so much so that they will be overwhelmed by our exercising our rights of free expression.

We did not start this war, but we have no choice in engaging in it, or perish. It’s that simple. Each and every one of is involved like it or not. During WWII in occupied Europe, nearly all of the noncombatant men, children, and women joined in the resistance in one way or another, and this helped our troops to succeed. We need to start our own resistance - NOW.

Their surrogates control our energy sector via corporate boardrooms. - They have set de facto limits to alternative energy. - They are determined to keep us dependent on their oil. The recent energy bill has eliminated incentives for renewable solar power, and Bush signed off on it.

The dysfunctional Department of Energy responds more to Arabs than to us.

France is 85% nuclear powered, as is Germany. Japan is 90% nuclear powered. We’re barely at ten percent. We have let this happen. We are but a banana republic, dependent on others. We need to reverse this.

We need to build lots of nuclear power plants. NOW! We can use power from nuclear energy to extract our own oil -- we reportedly have an 800 year supply of that stuff located in our tar sands and oil bearing shale.

We have coal. Let’s use it. We have technology to clean it up, and we can even harvest gasoline from coal.

The Moslem political lobby – invests billions in us.
- They buy/bribe politicians in every way -- and they are able to pre-determine votes, something you can‘t do.

We need to do something about that. NOW! We need to confront corrupt politicians.

Ask them where their money comes from, their donations, about straw donors. Pin them down. Embarrass them. Humble them. Make them give up that dirty money.

The Moslems have spent decades and billions to study and to learn about us and how we function.
- They have learned how to take advantage of our goodness, of our kindness, of our decency, and thus how to take us over.

--- We have become so tolerant that we tolerate the intolerant. ((repeat)) This must stop.

- They know our laws better than we do - how to subvert us.
- They have thousands of bankers and lawyers increasingly in control our way of life. They are taking over our stock exchanges, and establishing rules that keep investments in Israel and other civilized (anti-Arab) nations down.

They are now buying into financially troubled banks, and then demanding that an approved Imam -- a Moslem “priest” be put on the board to assure that financial products offered to Moslems are ‘halal’ -- kosher. Halal finances are interest free loans and credit cards for Moslems, while you and I pay higher and higher interest on our credit cards.

Those of us who invest, need to go out and invest directly in non-Arab controlled companies to get around and to thwart the Arabs.

They have infiltrated our government
- Our leadership hasn’t figured this out - the depth and breadth of this.
- Hostile agents are active in our intelligence and security organizations. One Palestinian/Hezbollah operative has been found out.
- Moslems in high places thwart loyal Arabic speakers who are Jewish or Christian from getting translator or other jobs.
- They make sure top officials do NOT know what they ought or need to know.
-They got Stephen Coughlin, a top pentagon expert on Islamic Law and Moslem extremism fired for being too honest and good at his job. This is one of the worst outrages coming at us.
So many of us raised so much hell, that the Moslem who orchestrated this was ousted himself for being a liar.
--And Coughlin has a new contract.

- They, in fact so believe their taqiyyah BS and balderdash (it’s not just OK, but actually good to lie to non-Muslims) that they have a mindset that can defeat lie detector tests relied on by the CIA, the FBI & others. They will lie at all costs to achieve their evil goals.

Politicians in New York recently pass a bill to outlaw libel lawsuits against people who exercise free speech. This in response to a Saudi suing people like you and I in European courts. We need one of these laws here, in California now, and need to demand that the Congress enact one also.

I am concerned that if I were to become knowledgeable about something terrible, I am not confident that I could report it to the FBI and that it would be handled properly. In fact, I have had some recent information come to me and I worked on different ways to get that information into the hands of people who will handle it correctly.

Just recently, a former (she blew the whistle and that’s why she is a “former“) FBI translator disclosed the extent of anti-American spying activities by increasingly sectarian Moslem Turkey. An American diplomat was involved.

This war for our survival dates to 570 when Muhammad was born, orphaned, grew up, hustled a rich widow and began his quest for power. He tried to do it peacefully by pretending to be Christ like, and failed His philosophy turned into the evil cult that we know of today as Islam.

The greedy and gullible pagans and others were drawn into his cult which is based on lust and greed.

Islam’s guide is the Koran, a confusing and conflicting compilation of utterances that Mohammed claimed came from his god, Allah.

The Koran is organized by the longest “revelations” first. There is no chronology, no thread to follow. It is confusing to read and to understand or grasp.

Mohammed established the rule of Koranic abrogation.
-Whatever his Allah reveled today can be overruled in later revelations - a very fickle Allah.

Present day Moslems spouting the peace and love spiel are doing the BS and balderdash taqiyyah thing. They are liars -- being true to Islam.
- The fools who fall for this easily are
- our clergy, educators, and politicians and ignorant fools..

Qur’an is the religious side of the cult of Islam
- Is the basis of the vile Shari laws (which boil down to the most crude forms of laws of the jungle and the survival of the fittest or most savage) and Moslem kangaroo courts.

Mohammed’s Hadiths - rules and traditions all based on Mohammed’s greedy, lustful, brutal, savage, corrupt life, his style, governs how Moslems are supposed to live. Moslems try to emulate Mohammed in every way.

For example, Mohammed married Aisha (one of about twelve wives) when she was six.
So, Islam permits baby marriages which really encourages pedophilia.

Mohammed had a dozen wives and many slaves, so Islam permits polygamy, many wives and slaves.

The Department of State in 2007 documented (not rumors, but confirmations) over 800,000 cases of human trafficking as they call it - slave trading. Where? 99% in Moslem countries.

Women under Islam are chattel. Mohammed rules recommend beating wives to keep them in line, and taught that women are inferior, just to be used.
- They can only inherit ½ of men.
- Their testimony does not equal that of a man.
- A complaint of rape is thus a confession to having sex out of wedlock --- the woman can therefore be stoned to death for adultery.
- This is Shari’a law -- what Moslem outfits like the Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR) want to impose right here, in the USA.

Mohammed’s step-son married a beautiful woman whom Mohammed lusted after so much that he divorced her and gave her to Mohammed. She didn’t have a choice.

Murdered Lebanese prime Minister Rafik Harriri was made a billionaire by a Saudi prince, and then became Prime Minister. Harriri divorced his stunningly gorgeous wife whom the Saudi lusted after, and gave her to the Saudi. Harriri was rewarded with tons of money. She had no choice.

When Mohammed and his band conquered one village, he decreed the torture and death of every male, about 900. After pouring boiling liquid down their throats, they were mutilated and then had their heads cut off.

“Islamist extremists” are merely honest Moslems emulating Mohammed. Osama bin Laden is a disciple of Mohammed. Is bin Laden dishonest? No. He is a near perfect Moslem.

“Honor” killings are a common practice, and this practice is being imported. A Man in Toronto strangled his daughter because she wanted to fit into the greater society. An Egyptian murdered his two daughters in Dallas because they resisted their assigned roles of being inferior.

Mohammed promised rewards for the “faithful” which includes paradise for those who die in jihad (such as suicide bombers). In paradise they are promised 72 ever-virgin maidens and 28 tender pre-pubescent boys….., as well as other pleasures.

There are no similar rewards for women.

Islam is much harsher than Communism or Nazism, both of which someone could resign from and still live. If one leaves Islam, they are condemned to death. Islam is just plain evil. And, it’s been around for 1400 years.

Moslems call critics racists. Not so. Islam is an evil fascist system, not a race. Islam is a totalarian cult, and includes members of all races and colors, as are we, its many critics.

We can critically study Christ and Judaism but Islam forbids anything critical about Mohammed or Allah. Ask serious questions, criticize or mock Mohammed and you are condemned as was Salmon Rushdie, the Danish cartoonists depicting Mohammed with a bomb in his bonnet, Theo Van Gogh who was murdered, and anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Wilders who has made a truthful documentary on Islam and the Koran.

Fascist Islam / Moslems can’t stand the comparison – or competition.

They can’t tolerate freedom of speech.

The UN - Useless Nations - has passed a resolution condemning anti-Moslem/anti-Islam speech -- our exercising our rights under the First Amendment to our Constitution. The Useless Nations hates freedoms set forth in our Constitution, including the one that protects the First Amendment, the Second Amendment allowing us to be armed citizens able to organize and to resist anyone who wants to suppress us, our freedoms - our constitution.

Democracy and Islam are NOT and will NEVER, EVER be compatible.

Qur’an forbids making friends with Christians or Jews. It is against their laws. Mohammed forbade it.

If a Moslem says he is your friend, he is lying - taqiyyah.

Where do we go from here?

Establish reciprocity laws. Reciprocity is NOT discriminatory - it is all about fairness and equality. STOP any more Islamic centers, schools, mosques. Demand they reciprocate and allow building of and protect churches in all Moslem countries until equal status -- parity -- is reached. STOP allowing any more Moslems into USA, until they have attracted several million Christians from the USA and Europe to set up and live freely in their countries.

Severely restrict all Moslem diplomats’ movements.

In Moslem countries, any foreigner who wishes to do business, must put up all of the money, engage a Moslem (citizen) as a partner holding 51% of the assets and earning 51% of the profits. If the company does too well, it can be nationalized, and the foreigner given the boot. Do the same with all Moslem/Arab businesses here.

Soft societies lose to hard societies. Harden up or perish - vanish.

We have power.

We need to use our power. Use our food for oil, medicine for oil, pills for oil, clothes for oil, airplanes for oil, cars and trucks for oil, machinery for oil, technology for oil, education for oil, and more. Put a commodity value on everything. Make them pay.

We have the A-bomb. We need to let them know that we can use it. We need to re-establish our Neutron bomb program.

We need to terrorize and dominate those who wish to destroy us, to make them back off, or kill them if they won‘t.

Cancel all foreign assistance - taxpayer dollars to Moslem countries who fail to fully reciprocate with us. We’ll cut about twenty billion out of our budget in a day when we do that.

Intolerant Islam – submission is not compatible with freedom. -- Freedom is being civilized.

Now, I’d like to say a few words about Russia and China.

The Russians are recovering from Yeltsinism and the Chinese from Maoism.

Flush with cash, the Chinese are building a military force that can challenge the United States, or any other nation. They have tested a satellite destroyer weapon, to demonstrate that they can cripple us.

The Russians are increasingly belligerent towards the United States. Some of you may ask why, and I give you this. In Russia’s involvement in Afghanistan, we sided against the Russians, and supported the Moslems. In Russia’s conflict with Moslem Chechniya, we sided with the Moslems. When Islamists started the ethnic cleansing in Serbia’s Kosovo province, we sided with the Moslems.

Russia and China have active intelligence services which are very aggressive in Washington and other parts of the country. They study us closely, and know very well what is going on.

The Russians and Serbs share much of their heritage in common. We have hurt them badly. We have caused the deaths of thousands and thousands of Christian Russians and Serbs, cost them a fortune, and territory. We have earned their enmity.

If Mexicans - MeCHA, Aztlan, la Raza gangs started military type activity to establish their own anti-American government here, and our police were bombed by Russia for trying to stop them, how would you feel?

The Russians and Chinese both see that we Americans may allow the Islamists more and more until they slyly take us over. They see themselves having to face an Islamist controlled nuclear armed North America. When that happens, they intend to win!


akhter said...

The only good things to come of 9/11, some say, are a greater consciousness of and a keener sensitivity to Islamic history, religion and culture. If that is so, the education has been slow and painful in the past six years, made all the more difficult by the gruesome reality of the Iraq war.

The education has been impeded by terrible conceptual mistakes, the first and most fundamental of which occurred five days after the catastrophe when President Bush proclaimed an American crusade. This deflected attention from mass murder and defined the coming struggle -- much to the joy of al-Qaeda, no doubt -- in terms of Western crusade and Eastern jihad. Donald Rumsfeld tried to scare us with the fantasy of a worldwide Islamic "caliphate." The Danish cartoons insulted Muhammad in the name of free expression, and the pope weighed in with his dense imputation that Islam was an "evil and inhuman" religion.

These gaffes and deliberate provocations come from an ignorance of Islamic history and overlook the intensity with which historical symbols are felt in the Arabic world. If we can begin to dream of a postwar period in the near future when reconciliation with the Arab world -- as well as healing at home -- is the imperative, then a healthier respect for the traditions of those we have attacked and insulted might be a good start.

Zachary Karabell's "Peace Be Upon You" is a welcome and important contribution to this historical phase that lies ahead. The book presents an overview of the relations among Muslims, Christians and Jews since the time of Muhammad. As such, it should be required reading for congressmen who must vote on billions for a civil war between Shiites and Sunnis or presidential candidates who vie for the chance to preside over a postwar America.

Karabell's thesis is that the modern alienation between Islam and other faiths is a historical anomaly. He contends, rightly, that peaceful coexistence, more than conflict, characterizes the past 1,300 years of Islamic history. By contrast, Christian history, with its crusades and inquisitions, has been far more violent.

Karabell believes that emphasizing the historical episodes of Muslim tolerance toward other religions can be a "vital ingredient" to build upon in the future. "Reclaiming the legacy of coexistence may not make the world whole," he writes, "but it does show that Islam and the West need not be locked in a death dance."

This is a book of broad strokes, categorical statements and historical snapshots, fashioned into a hopeful, historical meditation. Above all, Karabell is intent on debunking what he calls the "myth of endless conflict." In this, he returns to the core lesson of Islam's holy book. Christians and Jews are seen in the Koran as "People of the Book," misguided perhaps, blind to Muhammad's corrections of their "perversions" maybe, but nevertheless believers in the same God. Karabell quotes Surah 29:46: "Dispute not with the People of the Book save in the fairer manner . . . and say, 'We believe in what has been sent down to us, and what has been sent down to you. Our God and your God is One, and to him we have surrendered.' "

Karabell takes us on a swift journey through the important episodes of Islamic history: the tribal conflicts in Mecca and Medina, the split between the Sunni and Shiite interpretations, the golden age of Baghdad, the triumph of Saladin in the Third Crusade, the unifying philosophy of the Jewish sage Maimonides, the golden age of harmony between the faiths during the reign of Alfonso X in 13th-century Spain, and the long hegemony of the Ottoman Empire. These are milestones of world history about which Western audiences need to be far more aware.

Like the teacher of a survey course with an agenda, Karabell sometimes moves too quickly, can gloss over cruel and violent behavior by Islamic heroes, and occasionally gets his facts wrong.

In 1099 after the fall of Jerusalem in the bloody First Crusade, we are told that a long period of quiet ensued and that there was no sense in the Muslim world that this was religious war. This belies the brief and troubled 80-year history of the kingdom of Jerusalem from 1099 to 1187. We are told that "the Ottomans honored the flag of truce" and protected the rights of the local population. This scarcely squares with the scorched-earth policy of Suleiman the Magnificent in his 16th-century Balkan campaigns, which included the burning of Budapest. When the Ottomans were cruel, the author argues apologetically, they were simply creatures of their medieval time.

We are told accurately that Martin Luther admired the Ottoman system of administration, but not that he saw the Turks as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the evil instrument by which God was punishing Christian sins. And surely Karabell knows that Lawrence Durrell was not an American writer.

These lapses and apologetics aside, Karabell's book is a worthy undertaking and a stimulating, useful read. In general, his presentation is lucid, well written and persuasive. It is true that the tradition of tolerance in Islamic history deserves a greater appreciation. It is also true that a mature dialogue of civilizations in the future must acknowledge violence and intolerance where it exists.

James Pawlak said...

The book-of-history, written in the blood shed and women raped by the followers of Mohammed, is much more lucid and accurate than the poof piece and disinformation put out by Karabell or other true-believers in or dhimis to Islam.

akhter said...

Who is the real terrorist?
The Human Rights Foundation condemns the unjustified war assault upon the poor, innocent and defenceless people in Afghanistan. This is an unjust war being waged by the strongest country in the world against the poorest country in the world. The US has contemptously rejected many appeals to prove their case against Osma Bin Laden in an independant international court. Surely the US has nothing to fear if its case is as watertight as it would lead us to believe? Or are the public concerns expressed by US officials about the "holes" in their evidence the main reason for the US to refuse this request. Is George Bush junior any different from his father who said "I will never apologise for the United States of America. I don't care what the facts are" (George Bush (snr) ( "The Rogue State", William Blum)

The entire basis for the war is unproven allegations which rightly should have been submitted to an impartial independent court such as the International Court of Justice ( ICJ). It is interesting that the US and Israel are the two countries which have been most reluctant to give their support to the establishment of the International Criminal Court which could also have had jurisdiction.

The U.S. attack is not war but a reckless, emotional act of revenge under the banner of fighting for freedom and human rights. "US Policy, under the banners of freedom and human rights, has led to barbarous criminal acts" Institute for Policy Studies, Washington.

It must be remembered that the attack on the Twin Towers was not perpetrated by the government of Afghanistan. The attack was by alleged individuals. War is a state of hostilities between two countries. Instead of attacking the perpetrators for an alleged "war" on the U.S. ( which the Twin Towers attack was not ) the U.S. has declared war on the government and people of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is so hopelessly outmatched by the superior military capability of the US that it is effectively a mass murder and a slaughter of the innocents. George Bush has said that he wants Osma Bin Laden "Dead or Alive"as in the days of the Wild West.

The U.S. attack on Afghanistan is not even a terrorist attack - it is worse. "Terrorist attacks" by 'freedom fighters' are attacks by the weak designed to draw attention to a just cause and are usually resorted to by people who have exhausted all other means to draw attention to injustices and oppression. Our own history shows that the US and the apartheid regime in South Africa called the ANC a 'terrorist organisation' while we called them 'freedom fighters'. The US has a perverted sense of values: It was the strongest ally of the former apartheid regime in SA and responsible for the arrest and imprisonment Nelson Mandela for 27 years as a result of the provision of intelligence by the CIA to the former apartheid government. The US voted against many resolutions at the United Nations which sought to impose sanctions against apartheid South Africa. This is the same US which claims to act in the interests of worldwide "freedom and democracy"

We must not lose sight of the important distinction between a "freedom fighter" and a "terrorist" or we will fall into the US propaganda trap of demonizing all people (as well as their "moral supporters" and the countries in which they live in and the religion they happen to follow) who have no other option but to use "terrorist activity" as a political weapon. The US has made it clear that it will not distinguish between the "terrorist" and the country that "harbours" a terrorist. What does this mean? It means that any country in which there are known "terrorists" (by the US definition of terrorist which conveniently excludes itself and its allies ) is a potential target for "anti-terrorist activity" The US conducts its own covert operations ( "US terrorist activity" ? ) by allocating a budget of $30 Billion for this purpose. We need to differentiate between "harbouring" a terrorist and the need to request proof of the guilt of a person before action is taken.

History will record the mass murder and terror in Afghanistan by the U.S. ( which CNN prefers to refer to as the "War on Terror" ) as a shameful event in the history of mankind. The due process of law has not been followed and the US has assigned to itself the role of judge, jury and executioner against an entire country. Once a court has found and convicted the true perpetrators of the attacks than the appropriate punishment should be meted out to the real perpetrators. Prior to this any act of aggression and death caused is illegal and is nothing less than the murder of innocent people.

The US is using sophisticated computer controlled gunships in an international posse of countries involved in a wild-west style manhunt to "smoke out" their prey, such passion unbecoming of a world leader purporting to believe in civilised values. What the US is doing in Afghanistan is a systematic campaign of terror on a far more concerted basis than what it accuses the terrorists of the September 11 attack. The difference is that they do not care if the accused is guilty; nor do they care how many innocent civilians they kill in achievieng their military, economic and strategic objectives in the region. An indication of the continuing callous attitude of the U.S. is the reponse of Colin Powel in respect of question posed to him on the number of Iraqi's killed in the Gulf War when he said, "Its really not a number I'm terribly interested in" William Blum in "Rogue State" believes that if a list had to be compiled of Amercian leaders guilty of crimes against humanity, Colin Powel may be one of them. The deaths of civilians in this unjust war is referred to as 'collateral damage" by the US.

According to UN reports the effect of the war has caused a humanitarian crisis potentially affecting between 4-7 million civilians who face not only starvation but the effects of exposure to icy cold weather without any form of heating and medical supplies. The US, in order to mute world condemnation and in an attempt to win over the suffering people resorts to the insulting use of scattering haphazardly food for 37 000 people when those starving are in excess of 4 million. Before the war, aid agencies at least ensured that all those who needed food received it. However the actions of the U.S. has disrupted supply of aid and misinformed the public of the true humanitarian impact of the war reflecting the dishonesty of the U.S. in claiming concern for the Afghanistan people.

The Mute Complicity of the Media

The atrocities committed by certain nations often receive only passing attention. The media attention to the Twin Towers attack was of course necessary. However what is to be condemned and exposed is the lack of any attention by the mainstream media to atrocities of a similar or far greater magnitute in the the past 10 - 20 years, significant of which is the horrendous bombing of Iraq which led to the death of over 1.5 million people over the next 10 years and to this day the strangulating economic sanctions imposed by the US and UN on Iraq are the cause of the painful and excruciating deaths of 5000 children every month. Do you know what the impact is on a mother to watch a child die a long excruciating painful death due to starvation?

Every month 5000 children die in this cruel, inhuman way and the world does not even take notice.

Are they any less worthy of our attention than the 5000 people who died on September the 11th?

Do you know the psychological impact of being in Afghanistan at present when every moment of the day is like playing a game of Russian Roulette? When you have no idea when the next bomb will 'accidentally' miss its target and destroy your home? When you have nowhere to run because the borders are sealed? Besides an entire city in Afghanistan has no electricity and water as a result of the destruction of its infrastructure. This alone will cause countless deaths over the coming weeks. The refugee crisis is mounting and there are several hundred thousand refugees who have nowhere to go since all borders have been sealed.

"We will never see the smoke, and the fire, we never smell the blood, we never see the terror in the eyes of children, whose nightmares will now feature screaming missiles from unseen terrorists, known only as Americans" Martin Kelly (see Rogue State)

"It is a scandal in contemporary international law, that while "wanton destruction of towns , cities and villages " is a war crime of long standing , the bombing of cities from airplanes goes not only unpunished but virtually unaccused.

Air bombardment is state terrorism, the terrorism of the rich. It has burned up and blasted apart more innocents in the past six decades than have all the antistate terrorists who ever lived.

Something has benumbed our consciousness against this reality. In the United States we would not consider for the presidency a man who had once thrown a bomb into a crowded restaurant , but we are happy to elect a man who once dropped bombs from airplanes that destroyed not only restaurants but the buildings that surrounded them. I went to Iraq after the Gulf War and saw for myself what the bombs did ; "wanton destruction" is just the term for it."

-C.Douglas Lummis, political scientist. ( as quoted in "Rogue State", William Blum )


The Human Rights Foundation intends to inform the public about many issues which are not given prominence in the mainstream media. We indend to further inform people of the facts relating to the crisis which will enable people to make an informed decision. We need your support and help in this regard. You can assist in one or more of the following ways:

a) Assist to distribute information, newsletters and pamphlets in your local area to inform people about the true situation. Please call us if you wish to set up a local sub-chapter of an anti-war coalition in your area. ( Act Now to Stop War and End Racism - A.N.S.W.E.R )

b) Assist by supporting the collections for humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

c) Participate in a "National Conference on Human Rights" in which various organizations will be asked to deliberate over a period of 2 days to prepare a comprehensive well formulated plan of action to assist towards ending what amounts to shameful atrocities against the innocent Afghan population.


The Book entitled "The War on Islam" by Enver Masud is a required read for any person who wishes to obtain facts about US foreign policy and actions of the US which you will not find on CNN or the mainstream news media. The Human Rights Foundation wishes to thank the author of the Book Enver Masud of the Wisdom Fund based in the USA for permission to print a special limited South African version of the latest edition of his book. His earlier version of this book is available in the U.S. for $ 18 plus shipping (Total of R 300 approx). We are pleased to announce that the Human Rights Foundation has secured the rights to publish this book which will be made available FREE in South Africa. We intend to publish 5000 copies of this book. Donations to defray the costs of printing the book and costs for these adverts would assist the Human Rights Foundation in continuing its activities which have until now been funded solely from our own private resources.