Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Democrat Party Left ME!

Some years ago (I think about 1964) the Democrat Party began to leave me and democracy for the false gods of Affirmative Action, Gun Confiscation, Suppression of Free Speech (eg Of Pro-life Democrats at their National Convention), arrogant-and-aggressive-atheism and abortion-upon-demand. The last tie-that-bound me to that Party was loosed when the last fully human, humane and honest Congressman, the truly honorable Clement Zablocki, departed this vail of tears, distrust and dishonesty for his rightful place among the Saints.

California's Democrats have set rules (Please see below) for the selection of their National Convention delegates which [With the two leading candidates of their Party being very, very, pro-death] continue to maintain that great divide between myself and that elitist, anti-democracy, far-left and Nazi-like [Let's all goose-step together] subverters of the Constitution's letter and spirit.

[My considerable objections to today's Republican Party have been written down in other places at other times.]

Quotas at the Democratic convention

Mickey Kaus links to the strict quota system that the California Democrats have for delegates to their national convention. Oh, I beg your pardon. Those aren't quotas, just "Affirmative Action goals."

'08 Affirmative Action Goals

Hispanic/Latino 26%
LGBT 12%
African-American 16%
Youth (Under 30) * 10% * those born 8/29/78 or later
Asian/Pacific Islander 9%
Native American 1%
Persons wih [sic] Disabilities 10%

And there are strict rules to break the delegation exactly evenly by gender, except for when the allotted number is an odd one in which case the women get the extra delegate.

California Democrats will have:

* 441 Delegates (221 females, 220 males)
* 62 Alternates (31 females, 31 males)
* 503 TOTAL (252 females, 251 males)

Looking at those requirements and I can't help envisioning that that is what the Democrats would love to do for admissions offices at every state university in California if not the rest of the country

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