Saturday, January 05, 2008

To Republicans: Don't Bother Me Until...

Dear Fellow Republicans:

In recent weeks I have received far too many US Mail, e-mail and telephoned requests for money from Republican organizations Please do not bother me with such until our Party produces one or, hopefully more, candidates for the presidency who will do the following (More or less in order of importance to me).
1. Proclaim his definition of "pork" and "ear mark" and swear, upon penalty of perjury: To veto any-and-all general purpose Bills containing such perversions; To call upon all Members of the Congress, of both parties, to promise, upon oath, to not introduce such measures; And, to call out, publicly and by name, all Members who do not do so.
2. Declare that all persons who enter the USA illegally and at other than designated points-of-entry are invaders and will be dealt as such by the Border Patrol, Armed Forces, National Guard and, if necessary, the General Militia AND that such persons, having avoided the full jurisdiction of the USA have NO rights under the Constitution---Including giving citizenship to their children as are born in OUR nation.
3. Declare that abortion for any purpose than saving a mother's life is a crime.
4. Declare that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right of all citizens (Except for those who have lost it by reason of felony convictions or dangerous mental disease) and that all Federal law enforcement officers and officials are to treat it as such.

Don't bother me, for contributions, until such a candidate appears.

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