Monday, January 28, 2008

Stark Anlysis Of War In The Middle-East

On my dark, stark and logical days I understand the advantages of the deployment of our American troops into Iraq and Afghanistan as listed below.

1. This allows us and our allies to to continue the fight the 1400-year war against the "true believers" of Islam who campaign against Western Civilization and do so far from the places where that civilization was founded, nurtured and (For the time being) maintained.
2. This, in turn, has provided a field-of-combat where those international terrorists have elected to make their major efforts AND where they may be more easily killed and sped towards Paradise according to their beliefs and wishes OR somewhere else according to the expectations of many.
3. Notwithstanding the excellence of the small (Canadian, UK, Australian and some other allied armed forces in those areas) this has provided the means by which the USA has the only large, combat tested, military force in the world.
4. This, in turn, provides the USA with the real combat experienced cadres for the continuation of that type of armed forces by training of new members AND, in the case of a general war need for a return of the draft, the means to not repeat the history of start-up failures so evident at the beginning of World War-II.
5. Reactions (By politicians, media, teachers, ETC.) to these deployments and the bloody price paid by our troops (And those of our allies, some Muslim) in those dangerous places allows us to know who has learned from history (So as to not be condemned to repeat it) and who believes in the "fairy tale" that there is a "Free Lunch" path to maintaining what remains of personal freedoms and of our civilization.

I realize that this is a brutal analysis; But, anyone who has history, facts and logic to counter it is obliged to provide all with proofs to the opposite. Otherwise, they must yield the ground and admit defeat.

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