Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Canada VS. Human Rights

Canada's so-called "Human Rights Commissions" have been very, very, busy in well documented efforts to destroy the right of free speech-and-press and of religion in that nation.

Now, some Toronto, nanny-state, politicians have called on Canada's Parliament to declare all handguns illegal in that nation (The usual second step towards confiscation of all firearms after Canada's already inflicted first step of gun registration).

It is not a new pattern to first eliminate private possession of effective weapons and then to attack all freedoms. After all, such enemies of freedom as Stalin, Hitler and the followers of Mohammed all did so.

Of course, such disarming of law abiding citizens also deprives them of the means to execute their Natural Law rights to effective and immediate defense against home invasions and other criminal attacks--The police being always too late to do so.

Those persons and organizations who focus too closely on only one human right (eg Free speech-or-press) lose sight of the fact that all basic rights are interlinked.

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