Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Attacks On Churches In Iraq---Ongoing History

Ever since the self-serving, genocidal and murderous hand of Saddam Husein was taken off the historical practices of Islam in Iraq, Jihadi attacks on Christians began and have continued. The 1400-years of the history of Islam should have prepared us for such events. However, our political and religious leaders, in a self-destructive flood of delusional thinking, continue to assert that Islam is a "Religion Of Peace" (Which it is NOT) and to "reach out" to that ideology which has basic teachings aimed at destroying all law and governmental systems except the very anti-democracy Sharia and to destroy everything which, for good or evil, makes Western Civilization possible.

As an citizen of the USA I find it specially disturbing that the agents (eg Hasham Islam) of such an ideology have penetrated the Department of Defense and caused it to not renew the contract with Stephen Coghlin, one of the leading experts on Islam who provided some reason to the essential problems associated with that murderous philosophy.

As a Catholic-Christian, I am appalled that the Church has learned nothing from its long history of being attacked by Islam and continues to misuse the contributions of the Faithful it its dealings with Muslim organizations and governments. The lessons my Church should rely upon are those that were taught at the Battle of Lepanto and at the walls of Vienna on a much better "9/11" (1529AD) when Civilization was, until this era of lesser men, given a reprieve from the forces of Jihad.

As a compulsive reader of newspapers I am forced to conclude that too many publishers, editors, reporters and other "media types" are among those lesser men as they gloss over or pointedly ignore the essential teachings of Islam and the long and horrid application of them to all other humans and cultures--Perhaps out of their usual secular-progressive-atheistic orientation which would deny that "faith" is important to many in this world (Or, perhaps, because the effects of Arab oil money corrupts their thinking and actions).

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