Sunday, January 06, 2008

I Am Intolerant---Come Join Me

Yes, I must admit that as a conservative and Catholic-Christian I am very, very, intolerant of many in this world---As listed below in no special order.

1. Persons who support the bloody slaughter of innocent and unborn children while opposing the death penalty for the worst of our adult criminals after their trials by their peers and too many appeals.
2. Judges who presume to find new "rights" and meanings within the Constitution and bypass the right of the People to do so by amending that key document.
3. "Professional Blacks" (As opposed to Black professionals) who continue to stir up what remains of racial distrust and hatred in the USA to insure their present and future incomes---Now joined by a mob of other "professional victims".
4. All members of the Congress who pay off contributors and attempt to bribe voters by use of "pork" and "ear marks", especially those in the Republican Party who should be the strongest opponents of such crimes.
5. All elitists (Many who have body guards) who would deprive the People of the means (eg Concealed weapons) to enforce their Natural Law rights to self-defense in all places and at all times and refuse to understand or declare that "gun free zones" are "free fire zones" for crazed criminals.
6. All Secularists and other Atheists who cannot seem to get to that part of the Bill Of Rights which calls for the "free exercise of religion" as part of free-speech AND who deny that Atheism is a religion which attempts to suppress all others and become the STATE RELIGION.
7. Those Muslims who will not reject and condemn those teachings of Islam which allow or encourage, if not command, the use of murder, rape, genocide, robbery, perpetual war with "unbelievers", unequal treatment of women and non-Muslims and other like crimes.
8. Those leaders of my Church who continue to waste the resources given them by the People to "reach out" to Muslims whose intent is clearly to destroy all Christian Churches and their daughter civilization.
9. Those same "Catholic" leaders who (Do not deny it!) who continue to protect and support those priests, bishops and others once in power who sexually and otherwise abused children and young adults to the great waste of donated funds and the shame of all Catholics.
10. Editors, publishers and other "media types" who present lies and, worse yet, half-truths to support their own overt-and-covert bias through such means as story selection and placement, reproducing the data provided by clearly biased sources and like means to the very great discredit of the USA's once great journalistic structure.
11. Anyone who makes judgments as to scientific matters who fails to understand the "scientific method" and that there is no scientific question beyond some or much need for ongoing reexamination.
12. Immigrants to the USA who have rejected our democratically enacted immigration laws and appear to have no intent to joint the general, English speaking, culture of OUR nation as did the millions of other immigrants before them and, thank God, many who legally are still enriching the USA by their arrival and hard work here.

Given time and no regard for my blood pressure, I could likely come up with more people towards which I am intolerant. However, at this point all I can do is to ask you (In voting, supporting candidates for office, writing editors and congress-critters and like activities) to join me in this most patriotic and civilized program of intolerance.


Anonymous said...

I would add:

13. Greedy rich business leaders who, like the Enron crowd, use legal, quasi-legal and not-so-legal methods to steal money hand-over-fist. The rich have been getting richer and the poor have been getting poorer since the early '70s.

ignorant redneck said...

I guess I'm just an itolerant old unreconstructed american! 'Cause i agree with you!

Matthew said...
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