Sunday, April 09, 2017

Polarization In The USA

Denying the USA's "polarization", from academic ivory towers or reality-denying outlets for "lame street media" writers , does not serve the common good. by failing to provide the People of various points-of-view and the extent to which they do, in fact, divide American citizens, legal immigrants and "illegals".

The following should/must be considered:
1. The division, on often geographic/political-district boundaries, between "the right" and the "Nanny State" follower of the DNC as often cause State legislatures to either stop acting OR to to crush the Members of "the other Party" and their requests for "compromise".--Which may OR may-not involve drawing district lines to maximize party majorities in selected districts.
2. The division between those who support democratically passed laws and state-constitutional and traditional definitions of marriage vs. those who oppose such and go to those judges "making law from the bench"----Often in violation of the intent of those who wrote our Constitution and Bill Of Rights . [To Those Who Oppose the provisions of the  Constitution: Please use the democratic process of amendment contained within that basic law rather than the tyranny of judges.]
4. The division between the followers of the "Religion Of Atheism” who wish to, unconstitutionally and in an Islamist style, suppress other religions and drive them out of the public square and view.
5. The like division between the People, legislative bodies as the the fullest exercise of the "right to keep and bear arms" under the Second Amendment (With its "shall not be infringed" clause) as is/was consistent with the intent of the Founders of this Republic---As most often reflects the divisions noted in #1 above).
6. The division between those who seriously (As demonstrated by recent efforts of the People, on a more-or-less ad hoc basis to stop buses loaded with "illegals") object to illegal immigration and those (Including too many elected officials (Of both Parties who are "pimping" for Latino votes) who do not wish the strict enforcement of our democratically passed immigration laws.
7. The division between those who will admit that there is a minority of Blacks who are actively seeking out Whites  to attack by "The knock out game" and violent "Flash Mobs"  and those who recognize that the police are unable (OR, unwilling) to stop such deaths and other injuries to the innocent, leaving them to protect themselves and innocent others.
8. The division between those who hold that Islam is "only just another religion" and those who hold the position that it is a “criminal-terrorist ideology” much like the KKK or the Nazi SS neo-paganism---With only a thin veneer of religiosity.

The real question is: Are those divisions as severe as those of the 1770s and 1850s as led to bloody civil wars---And, an increase of freedom in our land?

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