Thursday, April 13, 2017

Why So Many Academics Against Jews & Israel?

Why is there so much angst against Israel and, for that matter, those Jews who “keep the commandments” within our colleges and universities?

I suggest it is because Israel: Is a real democracy; Has a well-armed citizenry most of its men have required (Or for women voluntary) military-combat training with the most modern, individual, weapons; Does not prosecute citizens who shoot-down terrorists; Effectively reduced violent crime by "building a wall"; Has criminally prosecuted its head of government; Does not limit (Non-violent) expressions of religious belief to the inside of houses-of-worshipAnd, understands that the unalterable commands of Islam are evil and directly opposed to all civilized humans (As specially apparent in the "Palestinian State").

These and other like characteristics are so very much hated by the "snowflakes" and other academic Fascists who pollute our campuses.

Some of that hatred and aggression is aided-and-abetted by on-campus Muslims loyally following the commands of Islam to do as much harm as possible to Jews and Israel.

I also suggest that Jews (Like those of Chinese decent) tend to honor scholars over others and academic success over other marks-of-achievement. [This has resulted is some “prestigious” schools setting quotas against both groups for being too academically prepared.]

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