Saturday, January 28, 2017

New Dictator For DNC

Ms. Sally Boynton Brown (Idaho Democrat State Chair?) is a very active candidate for position of Chair of the DNC. She does, very exactly, represent the policies and "principles" of that Party as marched (Goose Stepped?) towards the constitutional election of President Trump and the even greater GOP victories in taking control of so many State Houses and State Legislatures.

Mz. Brown would, as head of the DNC, "shut White people down when they want to interrupt".  It appears that any White statements as to "Black LIES Matter" or other Fascist mobs would be a forbidden interruption under her rule.

Of course, Democrats do not have to vote for her. Instead they can support Keith Ellison Mohammed who (As far as I know) has very much refused to condemn the horrid commands of his ideology, Islam, as support/command perpetual war (Jihad), murder, rape, the sexual abuse of very young girls, torture, beating wives, exile and other forms of genocide and other like crimes.

As a Republican I must thank such critters (And their co-actors) for supporting the future victories of my Party.

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