Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Keeping Illegal Immigrant Families Together

Very early in the last century my father, then a child, legally immigrated into our Republic and that without any prior knowledge of English. Although his in-family language and much of his education was in Polish, immersion in our land quickly gave him a good command of English and laws, customs and mores. This is the basis of my comments as provided below.

There is no need to separate deported, illegal immigrant, families apart. The deported violators of our democratically-enacted laws need only take their children with them. Immersion in the culture of their parent's legal homeland will shortly learn that place's language and customs. (I suggest that the vast majority of such children of real families will have had that nation's language in daily use.)

It also appears that the laws of many (Most? Vast majority?) of other nations make the nationality of children that of their parents. Perhaps, the USA should do the same as to illegal immigrants---Even if, and only if, it requires an amendment to the Constitution. Of course, there are the questions: “Are illegal immigrants within the full jurisdiction of the USA as they, by that law breaking, avoided that status?”; And, “If that is the law, do their children automatically gain citizenship through the illegal presence of their mother in the USA?

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