Monday, September 12, 2016

Women Get Equal Pay---If ALL Factors Considered

For the simple minded and lying politicians, women are not paid equally with men.

However, those pimples on the body-politic do not consider the points provided below.

1.Women are far less likely to take the jobs that require time away from home and families as do provide those (Usually men) who take this such demanding positions as tend to pay more than those positions which allow spending evenings and weekends at home.
2. Women are also less like to invest their evenings in upgrading job skills which limits up-to-date job skills in this rapidly changing world.
3. This is even more applicable for women who take maternity leave.
4. With a very few exceptions, most women lack the upper-body strength required for many, well paying, positions in the trades and such positions as fire-fighters and police who often use that power rather than weapons.
5. Although there is some evidence to support the position that young women have an innate advantage in mathematics, few select careers in that field or such related fields as engineering or the "hard sciences".

Women who select the most high-paying areas of college studies, work exceptionally long hours, continually up-grade skills and are more-than-willing to work evenings/weekends or on out-of-town "jobs" seem unlikely to be paid less than men.

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