Friday, September 09, 2016

Obama Has Supported The Worst Muslims!

Mr. Obama was willing to send F-16s and our most modern armored vehicles to Egypt as long as the Muslim Brotherhood, supporters of violent Jihad against the USA,  all Christians (Most specially the Copts in Egypt)  other civilized peoples/nations, were in control of that nation.  Now that that terrorist-organization is out-of-power, his Administration is retreating from support for the Egyptian military, the only force capable of providing order, other than than inflicted by the followers of jihad, in that nation.

While the civil war in Syria was in doubt AND when there were revolutionaries there who were not controlled by Jihad supporting Islamists, Mr. Obama's Administration was unwilling to ship weapons to rebels. Now that there is a chance that the present and legal government may be overthrown AND revolutionary groups appear to be in control of Muslim terrorists, he may ship them such weapons (Including AA rockets which could easily bring down one of our air liners, over an American city).

Any Administration "excuse" that such a halt is only in obedience to a law prohibiting such shipments to, in this case Egypt, does not stand up to the many instances in which Mr. Obama and his co-actors have refused to obey-and-enforce other democratically enacted laws

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