Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Typical "Police Shooting"

The Baton Rouge police shooting of a habitual criminal is very typical as he: Was armed with a firearm in gross violation of our democratically-enacted laws as he was a convicted felon; Was reported by a citizen as being armed and threatening others; Failed to obey lawful orders by uniformed police officers; Was not disabled by the "less-than-lethal" police use of a "stun gun" (Was he under the influence of some illegal drug as is PCP?); Thereafter continued to fight with those officers; And, may have been attempting to retrieve his illegally-possessed pistol from his pocket when shot.

For myself, I do not think it reasonable to expect police to wait until some already violent criminal has drawn a gun and has it in his hand before considering themselves "In clear and present danger of death or great bodily harm" as allows them (And all innocent citizens) to immediately use lethal force for self-defense.[This response is allowed by Statutory and Natural law.]  

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Gunner Jacky said...

Thanks for the post. People with all the facility to have guns are not supposed to used them for harming others. Those with guns must understand the thing that guns are safety device not a thing to harm others and in return kill yourself from someone else gun.
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