Wednesday, September 07, 2016

I Demand Segregated Housing For Asian Students!

Black students at a Left-Coast university have demanded-and-obtained racially segregated, on-campus, housing (A). [If I were a student as such a "reeducation camp", I would demand segregated housing for those with even "one drop" of Asian blood! (That includes me as my Slavic/Alpine ancestry appear to have a trace of Tarter or Mongol genes.)]  My ancestors coming to the USA were verbally abused, my elderly grandfather was physically attacked because he was "different" (The attackers required medical care, my grandfather did not) and lived in a "Ghetto"---By choice.

Those of Chinese decent are the inheritors of much greater abuse (B), but seemed to have overcome them by a variety of methods as resulted in such, collective, academic success that some higher-rated "Left Coast" universities have set quotas against them lest their schools become minority-majority schools "overwhelmed" by those of Chinese decent---AND to be vastly "under-represented" in our prisons and jails and among those murdered by members of their own race.

If my demand for racially segregated housing were met, those, "safe space", residents would have some added protection from Blacks who select out, on a basis of race victims of other races (Which are MACRO-Aggressions) at a rate many, many, times the reverse (C).

There are those who would deny my just demand on the basis that the "real world" has no protections of "Safe Spaces" or "Trigger Warnings". That radical position appears to be, most recently, generated at the University Of Chicago (Dvia a Dean's letter to all Freshmen.

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