Monday, April 15, 2013

"Smart Guns" & Defeating "Smart Science/People"

The so-called "smart guns" are those which are programed to be fired only by such individuals as have been "programed" into them as authorized users. Some time ago, probably in response to pressures from "anti-gun" forces, Smith & Wesson spend much money to develop such---And found such a negative investment in both moneys spent on such R&D and a very negative response from customers to that concept.

1. Some of that response was based on the political views and acts of those more active supporters of he fullest exercise of the Second Amendment.
2. Objections were also made by police officers who: Wished their weapons and those of their "partners" available for use by other police officers in the cases of criminally caused death-or-disablement AND by the members of their own families "in case of need". (These objections were noted by other citizens.)
3. Some have claimed that the "chip" which enables such a function will not hold up to the shock of firing a gun---By responsible police and other citizens who use their basic (And, sometimes, only) firearm for repeated practice shooting. This might well cause such very important self-defense and defense-of-others weapons to fail, as per Murphy's Law at the worst possible time.
4. Although I lack the skills to do so, I understand that a simple electronic devise can be built and used to "freeze up" such "smart guns" as are in the hands of police and other citizens who wish to use them for self-defense and defense-of-others.
5. The skills of today's "computer hackers" (Which skills I do not have) are such that a lawfully obtained "smart gun" (Or one of the many stolen---Including the many so lost each year by police) can have the "lock" neutralized.

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