Monday, April 22, 2013

History, Immigration, Terrorism & Islam

"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it" (George Santayana). History (Including events more than one week ago, which is history for journalists) has taught, those who can be educated, that Islam's teachings and habitual practices are the chief source of this world's: Individual and small group terrorism;  Much "state terrorism" and international-imperialist aggression and associated terrorism; And, opposition to and subversion of democracies, intellectual freedom and other personal freedoms. (In fact, such teachings, historical practices and current practices all also support physical slavery.)

In 1492 the Spanish concluded that the risk of Islamic subversion was so dangerous to the People of Iberia that they began the physical expulsion from Spain all Muslims and those who supported them (Then including Jews, an unlikely condition today). Perhaps we should expel from the USA all Muslims who are not citizens. Those still here should be charged with "Treason" for each-and-every attack on our fellow citizens which is based on Islamic teachings.

At the very least all Muslim associations and groups should be (On the basis of history and experience) as terrorist organizations as we have for the like KKK and Nazi groups. Muslim immigrants or those who apply for student visas, should not be admitted to the USA unless they publicly (On oath/affirmation and on camera) denounce all of the horrid teachings of the Koran and likewise ink out or tear out those parts of that hate-manual.

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