Monday, April 15, 2013

Obama's Incomplete "Gun Witness" List

Mr. B. H. Obama has flown, at your expense and mine, some of the parents of the murdered children of the Sandy Hook school to Washington, DC to testify for increased gun controls.  I doubt that he invited:
1. The one parent (Mr. Mark Mattioli) of a Sandy Hook Schools child who testified against such increases in unconstitutional people controls; Or,
2. The "woman in the attic" who barely drove an armed intruder with the rounds available in her "six-shooter"; Or,
3.  My home town's military veteran who pulled-and-pointed (ie Very ready to shoot) a gun to stop what might have been a fatal beating of a woman by some thug; Or,
4. The many other good citizens who do  the same and are listed in magazines truthfully published by the National Rifle Association, the United States Concealed Carry Association and those local newspapers who do not reject such stories as a matter of editorial policy.

The voices of America should and must include such citizens as take action when, as is usual, the police are too late and too few to prevent violence against innocents.

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